Carol Clegg-Lamptey

What a week we’re entering!
The passion week.
The happenings of this week more than 2000 years ago is fundamental to our faith as believers!

Christ had died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.

In church yesterday we were blessed to have a sermon preached on The Beatitudes.
Not your typical Palm Sunday preaching topic I’m sure you’ll think; but oh, what a blessing it was to me and I’m sure to many in the congregation.

The Beatitudes were part of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapters 5-7. It’s interesting how it was said His disciples gathered around Him in Matthew 5:1 and in Matthew 7:28 , it’s said that “the crowds were amazed at His teaching”. More people came!

Meekness is something that is poorly understood and that’s one of the blessings that stuck out to me. Meekness is often interpreted as weakness. Far from it!

Meekness is described as an attitude or quality of heart whereby a person is willing to accept and submit without resistance to the will and authority of someone else. For the Christian, that someone else is God. 🙏🏽🙌🏾

Meekness is power under control. What is the difference between weakness and meekness?
A weak person can’t do anything, but a meek person can do something but chooses not to. Life is full of choices isn’t it?

What do you choose to do or not to do daily?
Does it bring glory to God?
Let’s ponder on that.

Meekness is power under constraint. Imagine a stallion being controlled by a bit and bridle. That my brother, my sister, is meekness.

Meekness is a humble attitude. “Gentleness” is a practical synonym and implies mercy and self restraint.

Now the big question.
Are we meek as followers of Christ?
It’s said that if all Christians really did exhibit Christlikeness, the world would be a very different place. God help us!

It’s one thing to praise and worship God in church.

  • How do we live our lives during the week?
  • How do we react to that driver who suddenly crossed us in traffic, almost crashing into us?
  • How do we react when things are not going our way?
  • How do we respond when we are cheated or insulted?

Lord have mercy!

We are the salt and light of the earth.
We do this, obviously not in our own power, but in the strength that God is more than able to give us once we ask and receive from Him.

Let’s shine our light into this dark world and brighten whichever corner we find ourselves in; ultimately seeking to glorify God in all our dealings.
Amen and Amen!


God bless you!

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Carol Clegg-Lamptey who goes by the pen name CCL is a trained specialist ophthalmologist with an interest in medical retina. Having battled with depression over the years, she seeks to encourage others who may be down to fix their eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith. For with Christ in the vessel,..we shall surely smile at the storm. ...Read More